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Cortex Security with AI Professional Surveillance


16-Channel Real Time Security DVR with 3G & 4G Compatible Streaming Video

3g and 4G high speed mobile users will be pleased with this product. Use your Apple iPhone or Google Android phone for walkabout connectivity. Fast streaming video on your mobile device makes for stress free vacationing and other off time.

This standalone DVR is a perfect fit for most residential and business locations. Built with heavy duty video processing power at its core (a LINUX based core) it can record real time video from 16 cameras simultaneously.

Clear video is important too. This Nubix product gives you the option of D1, half D1, and CIF resolution (that's 720x480, 352x480, and 352x240, respectively). Further options include sharpness adjustment and other viewing enhancement features. These are all built into the DVR and can be accessed at the product (using front panel buttons) or remotely using a PC or mobile compatible device.

Multi-Lingual Upgradeable Operating System

The LINUX-based operating system can be set to a number of languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese and more. That makes this a great product for non-English speaking installations.

Our free support site contains security and BIOS downloads that, when available, can be downloaded for free, placed on a flash/thumb drive, and uploaded to your DVR. You never pay extra for an operating system upgrade, or to use our extensive knowledge base and support utilities.

Built for Networking

Your local area network (LAN) can communicate with this DVR naturally, using the RJ45 connector on the back of the unit. A number of TCP/IP protocols are available, including all common communication protocols. You can even control PTZ cameras through the network or the internet (using the appropriate mobile device or PC).

Remote Control and Viewing

Remote operation can be done three ways - use your internet-attached PC, an iPhone, or an Android phone. Thanks to the Nubix's built-in webserver, you don't need anything else.

Built-in security protects your surveillance video from being viewed by hackers and unauthorized individuals. Login using your user name/password combination (which you set up), and you can view and control this DVR just as if you were standing in front of the device. An administrator password controls users, just like any standard network security protocol would use.

  • Real time recording - up to sixteen (16) cameras at once
  • Synchronized simultaneous multi-camera playback with audio
  • 3G and 4G mobile compatible
  • Display Resolution: 720x480 (D1)
  • Sixteen (16) TTL level alarm inputs
  • Four (4) alarm relay outputs and twelve (12) TTL level outputs
  • Eight  (8) audio inputs
  • Multiple monitor outputs including VGA and main (composite format)
  • Multiple recording modes
  • Synchronized replay - watch multiple recordings synched to a time index
  • Free advanced CMS software
  • Free dedicated support web site
  • Export video clips to USB flash drive
  • Exported video can be viewed on  PC or Mac
  • Save configuration/setup data on a USB flash drive
  • Administrator/user level passwords
  • PTZ control (RS485 serial protocols)
  • HDD monitoring for dependability
  • Easy to configure auto-deletion and circular recording


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