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16 Port 100M PoE Ethernet Switch with Built in Power

The Cortex COR-POE16 is fully integrated with security monitoring features, offering quick packet forwarding and sufficient power for individual PoE devices. With the rapid video data routing capabilities of this Cortex PoE Switch, thorough security monitoring is assured. This powerful unit comes with two-gigabit uplink connections for managing data and connecting directly to recorders. The principal role of these hardware workhorses is to ensure enough bandwidth and power is provided to the internal data structure to provide crystal-clear visuals and seamless data transmission. 

Introducing our powerful and dependable 16-port PoE switch, which is designed to transform your network architecture and simplify your connectivity requirements. This switch provides great performance and versatility for both small-scale and large-scale installations because to its cutting-edge technology and innovative features.

The Cortex 16-port PoE switch provides seamless integration of Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality, allowing you to conveniently power and transmit data to compatible devices over a single Ethernet cable. This eliminates the need for additional power outlets and simplifies cable management, making it ideal for IP cameras, VoIP phones, wireless access points, and other PoE-enabled devices.

The unit is fully integrated with security monitoring features that insure a high level lof performance.  The product's uplink gigabit transfer rates assure crisp visuals and smooth transmission while delivering fast packet-forwarding functionality. Allow enough bandwidth for continuous high-definition video streams.

The PoE switch supports the IEEEE802.3af / at PoE standard and uses an advanced sensing algorithm, so only terminal devices that accept the IEEEE802.3af / at PoE standard need to be wary of harm to private standard PoE or non-PoE devices. Automatic recognition of PoE demand, speed, duplex, and usage of the Auto Uplink cable, easy and convenient to use, plug and play.

PoE switches are needed in a distributed data architecture to simplify deploying IP-based network cameras, NVRs, and wireless access points (APs). These devices are often hung from the ceiling or the wall with no power outlets available. Hardware power outlets are unnecessary when deploying PoE. The connection from the Cortex PoE Switch is more flexible, the wiring is simpler, flexible, and extendable, and the power wiring layout restrictions in the home and office network are eliminated.

Main Features

  • Cortex network data routing and management
  • Provides 16 10 /100 Base-TX ports
  • 1 Gigabit Combo  Gigabit RJ45
  • Enough bandwidth for HD video
  • Cortex Network device management
  • Extended transmission distance
  • Conforms to IEEE 802.3 /802.3i / 802.3ui / 802.3z / 802.3ab / / 802.a
  • IEEEE802 3x flow control


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